Monday, December 21, 2009

Ghost girl in the mirror

told me I’m an error.


mr said...

As a genuine ghost girl you can do no wrong ;) Keep that in mind and don't give up. Your works are always gorgeous and quite often figurative.

Diversa said...

Oh, what a surprise to see you there!
Thank you, but you are exaggerating.

Aly Lyu said...

Ah! He by no means exggaerating!
I am just in love with the Seagulls... and the puddletown ginger set... and all the beautiful boyz and girlz of course ;-)

Keep surprizing us!



Diversa said...

Thanks a lot, dear Aly! ^ ^
I'll try, at least to do something. :)

Vitaut said...

всё шикарно, как всегда)

Diversa said...

Витовт, спасибо! ^ ^