Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The End Of The Dark, Tired Year (Part II)

'Thank You' & 'Sorry' - and nothing else. The only two phrases-incantations that exist at this moment. 'Sorry' for all my faults & hysterics and 'Thank You' for your mor(t)al support, for all your kind words and for Everything...

Dear Mr. 20 09,
Make all the kindest people shine!


inmost_light said...


Anonymous said...

what a sweet picture, honey!

love for the angel girl!


[///] said...

категорический хагз! :))

Diversa said...

Вита,... and kisses! :)

Сергей, тотальнейший хагз! :)

Anonymous, thankee! Hope it wasn't Spiritual Front's angel :))
But, please, don't be anonymous :)

vitovt said...

lovely and noble jewelly lords
это они??


Diversa said...

Moonlight, I will say... :)

Actually, each of these three ... objects stands for some feelings and kind wishes that I don't want to reveal as they seem to be clear